Catering by the Family

Mr. Steve Gonzalez, Mr. Steve Gonzalez Jr., and All Staff

We would like to take this opportunity from our family, friends and out of town guests. All were specific in how much they enjoyed the food, service and how receptive and accommodating all of the staff were; “the food was delicious”, “the food was served hot”, “wasn’t typical catered food”, “the appetizers were great”, “the service was impeccable”. The wedding was almost a week ago and we are still receiving compliments about your fine cuisine and impeccable service.

Catering by the Family was one of the crowning jewels of our daughter’s wedding. Our daughter’s wedding is a lifetime occasion and one that will cherish the rest of our lives! You, your son Stevie and the members of your staff have engrained this memory as a wonderful experience.

We understand the naming convention of your organization. We were truly treated as Family.

With sincerest gratitude and friendship

Manuel and Karen Rodriguez